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Youth Programming

Our youth programming is engaging and educational, and most of all FUN!  From tots to teens, there is something for every age group.   For more information or to volunteer, please contact Chaya Rosenfeld at 604-736-7607 or email:

Shabbat Kids Club - On hold due to COVID-19

Enjoy your shul experience, while your little ones are enjoying theirs!

Shabbat Kids Club is a fun and gentle entry into the Shabbat synagogue experience for children ages 0-11 years old.  Educational and fun, the weekly program engages children through games, stories, interactive prayers and introduction to the weekly parsha.  And to make sure the shul experience is authentic there is, of course, a treat-filled Kiddush!

9:30 A.M. - Child-minding  (Ages 0-5 years) 

10:30 A.M.- Shabbat Experience (Ages 6-11 years)

Holiday Programming - Now Virtual due to COVID-19

Our engaging programs for children ages 0-10 years attract young families and connect them to the Jewish year and Schara Tzedeck, as well as bring the joy of our holiday traditions to our little ones.  Centred around the Jewish festivals and holidays, the programs include activities such as a Sukkot scavenger hunt, Purim carnival, Pesach chocolate seder, Simchat Torah parade, or Channukah dreidl making.  A "kid-friendly" meal and music complete the experience. Each holiday has a signature program, either in the morning or late afternoon, complete with a “kid-friendly” light dinner.


Parsha Pictures

Parsha Pictures is our COVID-safe way of bringing exciting, relevant Torah education to all of our young members! CLICK HERE to visit our dedicated Parsha page and see each week's Parsha Pictures, as well as the winners of the weekly raffle.

Families that Give

Families that Give is one of Schara Tzedeck’s most successful and beloved programs.  Developed by the active volunteers of the synagogue’s Youth Committee, the initiative engages families in giving back to the shul and wider Jewish community in an inspiring and hands-on way.  Focused around the Jewish year, often a difficult time for lone seniors, Families that Give brings volunteers together to assemble and deliver hampers of foods, home-made artwork, gifts and messages to those in need.

Wed, 22 September 2021 16 Tishrei 5782