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Yahrzeit Guide

Covid Yahrzeit Guide

This brief guide summarizes the Jewish Traditions surrounding the Yahrzeit, annual commemoration of the death of your dear one. Learning times are listed here.

Please note that the Yahrzeit begins at sundown the evening before the listed date and concludes at sundown on the listed date.


During this time of Stay-In-Place orders, we are convening learning sessions in place of regular services.  You can find times and links here.

Yahrzeit Lamp

The Yahrzeit candle should be lit at sundown, at the beginning of the Yahrzeit. It will burn throughout the following day. When a Yahrzeit coincides with Shabbat you light the Yahrzeit candle on Friday afternoon before lighting the Shabbat candles. If the date of the Yahrzeit follows Shabbat or Yom Tov then the memorial candle should be lit following the Havdalah time/after candle lighting for Yom Tov.

Study of Torah

It is customary to learn Torah on the Yahrzeit day in memory of your dear one, if you want to have a class dedicated to the memory of your beloved one or to sponsor class or program please contact the office at 604-736-7607.


It is an age-old custom to give to Tzadakah (charity) in memory of a dear-one. Click here to make a donation in memory.

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