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Weekly Torah Primer


November 21, 2018

We are back again this week with the Torah primer and a variety of Articles for you exploration. There is great variety in the selections, from Parsha to the El AL flight that landed in Athens before Shabbat, to Jewish History and proper Shiva Etiquette.

Parshat Hashavua

The Jewish Journey, Rabbi Jonathon Sacks

The Ethics of Collective Punishment, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Current Events

10 lessons from that El Al flight to Athens, Yehuda Stark

Jewish History

Great Decisions: The Drama of 1948 to Declare a State, Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

Mourning and Shiva Etiquette

Reflections on Shiva, Rabbi Josh Gradjower

Practical Guidance When Faced With Death and Mourning, Rabbi Gideon Shloush 


November 13, 2018

We are back again this week with the Torah primer and a variety of Articles for you exploration. There is great variety in the selections, from Parsha to archaeology, to law and even the search for the lost niggun (wordless tune).

Torah in Archaeology

Insights into the archaeological finds at Tel Beit Shemesh

Parshat Hashavuah

Jacob’s Love For Rachel, Rav yaakov Medan’s-love-rachel )

Jacob’s Love Again Rabbanim Sharon Rimon

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Jewish Law

Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner: Assisting Abortion and Death

Jewish History

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky: Great Rabbis of the 20th Century: Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook

Words of Inspiration

Mr. Daniel Gibber: The Lifelong Search for the Lost Niggun


October 20, 2018 - Lech Lecha

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin

Rabbi Dr. Jeffry Woolf of Bar Ilan University 

Rabbi Sacks Lech Lecha Video

Rabbi Sacks (Print) different material than above 

In the News 

Slifkin: Must a Jew interpret Bereshit Literally

Response to Slifkin

The Shabbat Project 

Short Interview with Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Founder of the Shabbat Project

Senator Joe Lieberman: Talk to students about Shabbat and Public Service


August 30, 2018

Rav Kook’s Pre-Zionist Spiritual Diary

An important new publication, from manuscript, of first chief rabbi and leading thinker of religious Zionism Abraham Isaac Kook’s hitherto nearly unknown 1890’s spiritual diary reveals a man working out the tensions in his nascent theology

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks presents Morality In The 21st Century on Radio 4 this September

Beyond Words: The Dance Between Knowing and Not Knowing Hashem

by R. Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.

Majority of Reform, Reconstructionist rabbis perform mixed weddings, says interfaith survey



August 23, 2018

This week's Torah primer includes both some issues being debated across the Jewish world and on the pages of the New York Times.  As well we have included some materials to assist in the preparation for the Rosh Hashanah.

Debate over Israel's Nation State Law

Ronald Lauder

Israel is Proud of Who We Are

Naftali Bennett

Torah is The News

Successful Israeli Bible Study website with 250,000 active users to launch in English

Weekly Torah Reading

Bar Ilan University Parsha page - articles from Professors on this week's Parsha

On the Month of Elul, Repentance and Rosh Hashanah

Dr. David Pelcovitz on Moral Thought and Moral Action

Rabbi Barry Gelman The Month of Elul Internals and Externals

OU Video Tutorial  of Rosh Hashanah Prayers 

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Rosenblatt 


Thu, 14 November 2019 16 Cheshvan 5780