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Shiva Information Page

Earlier this week, we informed the congregation of the passing of Morley Wolfman Z" L, father of our member Pam Wolfman.  
Under the current distancing necessities, we are not able to physically come together for Shiva.  We will be convening our congregation's first virtual gathering for a Shiva and bringing comfort to a mourner.   This virtual gathering will take place at 6 p.m. this evening, Thursday March 26th and you may join through this link.  We want to try the following procedure:
1) We will begin with the recitation of Psalms followed by words of eulogy for Morley Z" L. Everyone should be on mute at this point, and the host will have set everyone to mute.  You will be able to unmute yourself at any time. 
2) To best use the platform as we would engage in Shiva, please use the chat function on the Zoom platform to indicate your desire to speak, to share a memory, or to converse directly with Pam or a member of their family.  For example, if I type into the chat window, "This is Rabbi Rosenblatt, I want to follow after Joseph Marciano." Then when it is clear that Joseph has finished speaking with Pam, Rabbi Rosenblatt selects unmute and begins to speak. Everyone should continue to consult the order in the chat bar.  
Please also understand that this process is very new, and this is our best attempt to bring comfort in a very challenging circumstance. 
Rabbi Andy Rosenblatt
Mon, 3 August 2020 13 Av 5780