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Seder Primer

Dear Chaverim,


Passover has too much information to include in one email. However, to assist in your Pesach and having a  fun and effective Seder, we have prepared this message with some Seder suggestions and a guide that gives the relative importance of the various sections of the Seder to facilitate the enjoyment of the young (and old) children at the table.

Below is a chart of the sections of the Seder, we have rated the sections as follows:


1 - Of utmost importance, one who skips may not properly fulfill the mitzvah of the Seder.

2 - Either a much expected and anticipated element, or of significant importance, but one who omitted this paragraph would certainly have fulfilled minimum requirements

3 - Staple element of the traditional text; yet these portions are the most expendable and should be omitted should their inclusion jeopardize the attention of children, exhausted or elderly from engaging in more highly rated sections.


Since we live both in the North and also the far west of our province, the Seder can begin at/after 9:00 PM - ouch!  Some kids may have even outlasted the benefit of their nap.  This guide will help you to know which sections to de-prioritize or even eliminate, so that participants are exposed to the most central parts before they fall asleep in their soup. (This is not meant to be a “what I don’t need to say list,” it is meant more to help guide Seder leaders through the difficult task of keeping the Seder engaging for all).






Kiddush / Blessing Over wine and day


Urchatz / Karpas

Washing of hands and dipping green vegetable



Breaking Middle Matzah


Maggid / ¶ Halacha Anyah

¶ This is the bread of affliction …


Maggid / ¶ Ma’ Nishtana

The four questions


Maggid / ¶ Avadim

We were Slaves


Maggid / ¶ Ma’aseh

Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Joshua . . .


Maggid / ¶ Amar Rabbi Elazar

Rabbi Elazar said


Arbah / ¶ Baruch Hamakom + MaggidAbnim

Four Sons


Yachol / ¶ MaggidMeRosh Chodesh

You could have done this from the first of the month (Rosh Chodesh)


/ ¶ MaggidMitcheliah

From The outset our forefathers were idol worshipers


Maggid / ¶Baruch Shomer Havtachato

Blessed be he who keeps his promise


Maggid / ¶ V’Hisheamda

That which Gd promised to our forefathers and to us


Maggid / ¶ Tzeh U’lmad— till the ten plagues

Go and teach through until the 10 palgues


Maggid / ¶ Rabbi Yossi Hagelili - Rabbi Akivah the accounting of the number of Miracles

Rabbi Yossi Hagelili - Rabbi Akivah the accounting of the number of miracles


Maggid / Dayenu

Dayenu song


Maggid / Al Achat Kamah

How much more so / the list review of Dayenu


Matzah Gamliel, Pesach Rabban / MaggidMarror

The three things that Raban Gamliel teaches must be spoken of


Hallel / ¶ Bchol Dor vador

In every generation


Hallel / ¶ Lefichach



Hallel / ¶ Hleluyah, Btzet Yisrael

The two paragraph’s of Hallel


Second cup of wine

Second cup of wine



Washing hands


Motzie Matzah

Eating Matzah



Bitter herbs



Hillel Sandwitch


Shulchan Orech




Eating Afikoman


Barech / and third cup

Grace after meal


Hallel/ and fourth cup




Songs e.g. Chad gad yah



Tips for a meaningful seder

  1. Understanding is key - when necessary use the language that your crowd understands English, French, Spanish. You do not have to read every word in Hebrew; you do need to ensure everyone understands.
  2. Candies for questions - if you ask a good question, the leader should throw you a candy (preferably parve, as most Seder’s serve a meat course and preferably soft like a marshmallow, hurts less.)
  3. The seder should an emotional experience that brings us to deeply feel a deep sense of gratitude. Listen to this podcast for more details:
  4. Set up is key. Make sure table is set, even wine poured before sitting down. Place Cards also help—the more everyone is ready to go, the faster it moves.
  5. Invite everyone in your seder, to develop a guess who, or 20 questions about who their Seder hero is. For example, you might decide on Moshe, Theodore Herzl, or Yoni Netanyahu and keep others guessing until they name the person and can say why he/she is a hero.


Seder which falls on Shabbat or After Shabbat


Seder on a Day that Follows Shabbat

  1. Tzedeck Calendar (Schara One must ensure that candles are lit before the Seder and before the posted candle lighting time on the 7:19PM).
  2. Please remember to insert the Shabbat insertions for the Kiddush.
  3. When Yom Tov and Shabbat coincide, the cooking laws are those of Shabbat. Thus one may not use an oven, or cook.  However, one may use any of the techniques typically used to keep food warm on Shabbat.
  4. Grind your Marror Friday before candle lighting if you are using horseradish. 


Seder on a Day that Follows Shabbat

  1. On the second night one should remember to recite the Havdalah, which is essentially two blessings (Boreh Meoraeh Ha’esh and Hamavdil) recited at the end of Kiddush, but before the Shehechianu Blessing.
  2. The Yom Tov Candles serve as the Havdalah light, and we leave them in place and refrain from joining the wicks together.
  3. Remember that one should not heat food, or directly prepare before lighting the Yom Tov candles which should not take place until 8:26 PM.


Below are links for extra seder resources as well as information regarding the Pesach schedule (click here), Sale of Chometz Form (click here) and our Pesach Hakol 5778 (click here).



1. Songs of the seder - great for putting on in the car, around the home for kids to learn the songs: Download here:


2. Successful seder with kids


3. Games for the seder:


4. How to clean up for Passover in 1 day:


This photo when printed on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper details the amounts of food required for various aspects of the Seder


Wed, 19 June 2019 16 Sivan 5779