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Dear Chaverim, 

In place of my regular written email we are launching our new Passover education series, Podcasting for Pesach. We know that the holiday creates many time demands and as such it is hard to come to classes. So we decided to bring the education to you.
Episode #10 - with Rabbi Rosenblatt. Download here
Episode #9 - with Rabbi Brody, Vancouver Torah Learning Centre.Download here.

Episode #8 - with Youth leaders, Henna Kamin and Mrs. Dikla Mizrachi.Download here.
Episode # 7 - With Mrs. Meira Fedegrun, Shalhevet Head of School.Download here.


Episode #6 - More About Food for Pesach with Richard Wood. Download here.


Episode #5 - Koshering your kitchen for Pesach with Richard Wood, BC Kosher. Download  here

Episode # 4 - Kosher Foods with Richard Wood, BC Kosher. Download here


Episode #3 - with Rabbi Ari Fedegrun, Vancouver Torah Learning Centre. Download here.


Episode #2 - with Dr. Alan Morinis, Dean, Mussar Institute.Download here.

Episode #1 with Rabbi Rosenblatt and Rachael Lewinski. Download here


You can download these 8-10 minute podcast and listen, while you drive, go for a walk, cook, clean or take the train. We hope to send you a new podcast every weekday for the next 2 weeks. We have many guest Rabbis, Kashrut professionals, educators and more to bring Torah, ideas, insights, preparation help and more. 
I would especially like to thank my co-host Rachael Lewinski and our audio engineer, Jonathan Hirsch.
Also thank you to the Maccabeats for the use of their intro music (you can find more of them on iTunes and Youtube.
Happy Pesach to all,
Rabbi Andy Rosenblatt



Tue, 18 January 2022 16 Shevat 5782