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Some tips and tools for donating:


Please take the Eligibility Quiz (before signing up)

Travel sheets – have available for anyone wanting to check or link to travel:

ABC’s of Eligibility: (you must be 17

Check your eligibility and call 1-888 2 DONATE (1888 236 6283); we have team members online 24/7 to speak with you.

Book individually at – GiveBlood APP – 1 888 236 6283 (1 888 2DONATE)

, preferred time and date and how many appointments and we can send you centre (please include donor bookagroupbc@blood.caBook a group of 3 or more: email sign up sheets)

Preparing for your donation:

  • Please be sure to hydrate (2L day before and 1 L day of)
  • Eat (at least one hour before you donate
  • Be generally feeling well
  • Bring photo ID


Sun, 21 April 2019 16 Nisan 5779