An eruv is a sort of “virtual wall” that encompasses an area in order to create a “private area”, for the purpose of being permitted to carry things within that space on Shabbat (carrying is forbidden on Shabbat in public areas). The “walls” of the eruv are made up almost entirely of Hydro-electrical poles and the wires that connect them. In a few places, walls and fences are used as well.


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Essential things to know about the Eruv

An eruv must be thoroughly checked every Friday to ensure that it is kosher for Shabbat. It is very important to call the eruv hotline every Friday afternoon before Shabbat to be sure it is kosher 604-736-7607

One may only carry things within an eruv that one may generally carry on Shabbat. We are not permited to drive a car, carry “muktza” (things that have no Shabbat purpose, such as money, tools or electronic toys), or carry an umbrella (opening an unbrella is considered like erecting a tent, which is forbidden on Shabbat).

It is important to be familiar with the eruv map. One is only permitted to carry within the boundaries of the eruv. It is good to check the map frequently to be aware of changes that may have been made that might effect you.

If you ever notice any construction in many areas near the eruv border, please inform the eruv committee.

If you have any questions about the eruv, please contact Rabbi Rosenblatt – 778-836-7607 or one of the local Rabbis.