Special Birthdays

Is someone you know having a Special Birthday? Are you?
Come celebrate it at Schara Tzedeck!

Birthdays are special days in ones’ life and they shouldn’t go unnoticed.  If you or someone you love is having a “special birthday”, we at Schara Tzedeck would be delighted to have you celebrate they with us and your community.

Here are some ideas:

  • Special kiddushes and luncheons
  • Aliyot – reading from the Torah
  • Dedications

Our facilities can accommodate any request and our staff would be pleased to talk with you about how to best honor you and your wishes.

Please let us know when your special day is and we can talk about many ways to celebrate.

To plan a Special Birthday at Schara Tzedeck:

Please call Rachael Lewinski at 604-808-7080.