The Schara Tzedeck Cemetery Board has been in operation in Vancouver since the early 1900’s. It is responsible for overseeing the management of all activities related to funeral services for the Vancouver Jewish community. The office is currently located in the Schara Tzedeck Synagogue at 3476 Oak St.,2nd Floor.
Phone: 604-733-2277



 Funeral Director:  Reverend Joseph Marciano

Joseph Marciano is the Schara TJosephzedeck Funeral Director.  He has become one of the greatest resources of the community as he lends his gentle comfort to those who have lost loved ones. In case of emergency, for general questions regarding bereavement, burial or related issues Reverend Marciano can be reached at 604-603-7164. 





Executive Director: Howard Jampolsky 

HJ PHOTOcropHoward Jampolsky  is a member of the Chevra Kaddisha and brings 25 years of business experience to the Board. He is available for consultation and conversation regarding the purchase of burial sites and prepaid funerals and can be reached at the Cemetery Board office or directly at [email protected]





Administrative Assistant: Neila Morrison

Cemetery Board Members:

Jack Kowarsky  Chair

Shirley Barnett
Harvey Dales
Joshua Hauser
Hodie Kahn
Dr. Mark Schonfeld
Gary Segal
Arnold Silber
Herb Silber
Isidor Wolfe
Yosef Wosk
Barrie Yackness