A Bris (Brit Milah)is a ritual through which a young Jewish baby boy enters the covenant of Avraham. A Bris (Brit Milah) should take place on the eighth day of the young boy’s life, unless there are, G-d forbid, medical reasons that require postponing the Bris. A Bris is performed by a Mohel.

To plan a Brit Milah:

Call Rabbi Andrew Rosenblatt at 778-836-7607.

If you are looking for a Mohel:

There are several competent Mohalim in Greater Vancouver. Please contact one of the Rabbis listed here.

  • Rabbi Don Pacht 778-858-2747 or 604-677-4022
  • Rabbi Ilan Acoca 604-872-4222
  • Rabbi Falik Schtroks 604-729-4111
Celebrate a Bris at Schara Tzedeck!

We enjoy celebrating this happy occasion with you and your family.

At a Bris, there are many honors which are given out, and here is a sample list:

Honor Typically given to Role Other Explanations
Sandek Grandfather/ mentor / Rabbi Holds the baby during the Brit Milah


Should only be given once to a person per family, thus one Grandfather should not be honored as Sandek for two sons from the same family.
Sandek Meumad (Standing Sandek) Grandfather/ mentor / Rabbi Holds the baby during the blessing said after the Brit Milah
Kiseh Shel Eliyahu Any male, usually a good friend or close relative Places the baby on Eliyahu’s chair
Min Hakiseh Any male, usually a good friend or close relative Lifts the baby from Eliyahu’s chair
Kevater and Kevaterin Men , Women,  single or married Bring the baby into the room upon a special pillow Often given to a couple who are themselves hoping to have children.  One can also have as many Kevater and Kevaterin as one wishes.

Baby Naming

A Baby Naming is a ceremony to mark the naming of a baby girl. It’s a joyous event when the community welcomes a Jewish young daughter into Klal Yisrael, the community of Israel. Those present serve as the representatives of the Jewish people in confirming the name that the parents have chosen.

Celebrate a Baby Naming at Schara Tzedeck!

Rabbi Andrew Rosenblatt will help parents to create a meaningful event through which they initiate their daughters to the Jewish Community.

The Baby Naming ceremony takes place at any Kriyat Hatorah (reading of the Torah), which take place on Monday, Thursday, Shabbat, Holiday and Rosh Chodesh.

At Schara Tzedeck, Baby Namings draw from many Jewish traditions, both Sephardic and Ashkenazic. Some of these rituals allow parents to use the words of the Tanach (Bible) as a vehicle for explaining the significance of the name they have chosen.

To plan a Baby Naming:

Please call Rabbi Andrew Rosenblatt at 778-836-7607