Torah Talks is a coalition of Rabbis and educators from around Vancouver, who join forces to offer a complete spectrum of classes. Under one tent you will have the opportunity to study Philosophy, Halacha, Kabbalah, Talmud from beginners to advanced, or the weekly parsha.

Please note – classes are usually cancelled on Jewish and statuatory holidays.

Torah Talks
Monday Night Classes at Schara Tzedeck

7:00 pm – Rabbi Rosenblatt, Silber Auditorium

The Book of Kings II

The Books of Kings (Melachim) is perhaps the best example of the Bible’s didactic history.  It begins with the assertion of Solomon (Shlomo) and continues with subsequent kings, the split of the Northern Kingdom and much more.   We explore these texts in a fashion that looks both at the overall history and the lessons the prophet carefully communicates.

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