cholent-makingIf you have tasted our cholent on Shabbat mornings you will probably be in the majority of people who have said – who makes the cholent? It has become widely known as being “the best”. Some moms have said – “my kids love it – what is the recipe?” Well, it is no secret any longer – in fact it never was. Ellen Freedman, our Iron Chef champion gave us the recipe and with her guidance we make it every week with the help of our Shabbat caterer Mrs. Bernardo Papo. Several people had asked Ellen for the recipe and so she decided to give us a class. On February 26th during our regular 8pm classes a few women gathered to learn about this wonderful Shabbat tradition. Because there were others who couldn’t attend we decided to publish the recipe in Hakol. Good luck and Shabbat Shalom!!


5 potatoes – peeled and cut into thirds – big chunks
1 onion – medium diced
1 cup small red beans
1 cup pinto beans
1 cup small white beans
1 cup pearl barley
Oil – 2-3 tablespoons
10 ml (heaped) Garlic pepper seasoning or garlic powder
10 ml (scant) Italian herb seasoning
15ml (heaped) tbsps Osem Beef or Onion flavoured soup mix
5 ml Kosher salt
340ml can spicy tomato sauce or ½ large can( e.g. Hunts Thick and rich spicy red pepper and chili)
Pinch dark brown sugar (optional)
Check beans and barley for bugs or hard pieces – place in a bowl. Rinse and drain.
Heat pan on stove – add some oil and fry onions on medium till golden brown.
Add garlic pepper seasoning, herb seasoning and Osem and stir.
Add beans and barley and stir for a few minutes till coated with spices.
Add tomato sauce. Stir.
Add approximately 680 ml water and stir.
Add potatoes – stir – turn up heat and continue stirring till it comes to a rolling boil.
Add salt to taste.
Can add pinch dark brown sugar. Must taste very spicy at this stage.
Grease cholent pot liberally with “Pam” and pre-heat.
Add above ingredients to pot and add extra water to cover. Cook on 100 degreee C / 200 degree F for 18+ hours.