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Our Youth Programming is exciting and engaging. From tots to teens there is something for everyone! Here you will find your children enthusiastic and learning about the joys ond richness of our Jewish roots.For more information and to get involved please contact Dikla Mizrachi at 604-736-7607 or [email protected]

Shabbat Kids Club

Every Shabbat there are programs for youth ages 3 – 8, happening in various locations on our 2nd floor – led by volunteers and Rabbi Estrin.Strong educational & fun components have been introduced to weekly Shabbat Kids Club, with an engaging story, interactive tefilla experience, fun parsha games and a parsha themed Kiddush – because you remember 10% of what you hear, 20% of what you see, but 90% of what you do!


Tot Holiday Programming

Our young family programs centered around the festivals – Sukkot scavenger hunt, Purim carnival, Pesach chocolate seder, are fun, attract young families in droves and connect them to the Jewish year and Schara Tzedeck. For each Holiday, be it Simchat Torah, Chanukah or Pesach we offer a special program for children ages 0 – 5 yrs. usually from 4:30 – 6pm including a “kid friendly” light dinner to bring the joy of our holidays to our little ones.


Families That Give

An amazing initiative, where families give back to the community in a real, hands-on way is seeing spectacular success, has been developed by the Schara Tzedeck’s Youth Department. Families, involved and inspired, give back to the community in an enriching, fun and meaningful environment. Focused around the Jewish year, different opportunities are offered for families to come and work together to give back to the community, at times that are often hardest for those in need.


The Jewish Experience (T-Jex) is our innovative after-school supplementary program. It is a partnership program with Shalhevet High School, who carefully selects positive fun high school students to mentor in the program.

Key features:

Individualized Hebrew reading curriculum allows each student to progress at their own rate and to learn much faster than in traditional programs

A meaningful and relevant curriculum that focuses on the joy and values of Judaism

Connections with other Jewish kids

Positive and fun high school students who are role models to the children

A simultaneous parent discussion group


“Our daughter was very resistant to coming to the program, and now with the help of Maya, her teacher, she looks forward to T-Jex every week. I never thought we would get to this stage”

Please contact Dikla Mizrachi  for more information, 604-736-7607.



NCSY – Junior NCSY

NCSY is a Jewish youth organization based out of the Schara Tzedeck Synagogue. With over 350 teenage members who participate in our hundreds of social, educational and recreational programs every year, we offer youth programming to both members and non-members in our community. Vancouver NCSY is committed to providing Jewish teens with a safe, warm environment where they can meet other Jewish teens, grow spiritually and socially, and discover Jewish tradition.

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