room set up for dinner

      • “Our Open For Shabbat” Friday night dinners are a wonderful combination of great food, great scholars and great company!
      • Begin your Shabbat with a warm and participatory Shabbat service.
      • Enjoy the first two courses of a beautiful Shabbat meal followed by the opportunity to learn and to engage with some of the most exciting Scholars of our times.
      • While the adults are learning, Schara Tzedeck’s youth department offers exciting programs.

The last “Open For Shabbat” dinner was November 20th, 2015  with Rabbi Avi Weiss – it was a tremendous  success by all accounts.

Join us Friday, January 29th – when Pacific Torah Institute joins us for a Shabbos of Song – 5:30 pm. For more information and to register, call Rachael at 604-736-7607.

Head Shot redoneFriday, March 4th our Shabbat dinner includes guest scholar 
 Rabbi Leiby Burnham .

Leiby Burnham, CSW, is a rabbi, psychotherapist, and writer. He lives in Detroit with his wife, an ICU nurse , who is on strict orders to “leave her patients at work” and their three daughters, Orah, Shifra and Rachel. Rabbi Burnham works for the Jean and Theodore Weiss Partners in Torah program of Yeshiva Beth Yehudah, where he does community outreach, and runs a Jewish educational programs at University of Michigan, Wayne State, and Oakland University. He taught learning-disabled high school students for eight years in NYC, while receiving Rabbinical training at Shor Yoshuv Institute, and obtaining his Masters in Social Work from Yeshiva University.

More details to follow shortly.