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The Schara Tzedeck Synagogue is the oldest and largest Orthodox Synagogue in Vancouver.

It has been in existence since 1907, when it was known by the name of Benei Yehuda. The first services were held in a small rented home, at 14 West Cordova st. in 1910 the 'sons of Israel' purchased property at Pender street and Heatley ave., and by 1911 a Synagogue was built large enough to hold 200 worshipers.

The congregation was renamed "Schara Tzedeck", upon being legally incorporated on June 14th 1917.

In 1921 a new synagogue opened at Heatley and Pender and it was used until the end of 1947. This building had a capacity of 600.

On September 13th 1945, the site of our present Synagogue was purchased, building was started in 1947 and completed by the end of September of that year. The Synagogue was officially opened on January 25th 1948. At that time it was the most modern and largest Synagogue west of Montreal. The Synagogue was designed to be a house of prayer (Bait Tefila), House of Learning (Beit Midrash), and House of Meeting (Beit Knesset). The oak Aron Kodesh which we presently see on entering the main sanctuary was built originally in about 1921 for the Synagogue at Heatley and Pender.

The Congregation acquired property on October 2nd 1957, which was immediately to the north of the Synagogue.  The purpose was to accommodate offices, Classrooms, a large Auditorium, and other facilitites. Construction began in the early part of 1963 and it was completed for the High Holidays of the same year.


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